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IntactAuto’s first, Excel® workbook release used by countless dealerships too track gross profit on new and used vehicle sales. This full scale workbook is intense and still offered as a free download.

These spreadsheets are designed to help smaller auto dealers with multiple new car franchises that need a means to efficiently manage and control the Sales Department Showroom Traffic.

It has also provided the foundation for many customized Excel workbooks released to both New Vehicle Franchises and Independent Used Vehicle Auto Dealers in search of a unique dealership prospect and vehicle delivery tracking system.

Automotive Sales Floor Management - New & Used Vehicles

Controlling & Measuring Dealership Variable Sales Results

Start with the basics; Throw away that out-dated manual vehicle delivery log and allow your computer to do the work. Understand and accept the fact that by manipulating the data you're currently collecting correctly, you will find truly profitable new & used car sales opportunities. Begin today by establishing a structured foundation for benchmarking your automotive sales department for success with in-depth, user-friendly sales & expense analysis reports.

By downloading; This free Excel® Auto Dealer Delivery Sales log and with a minimal amount of data input & sales information, you will have access to crucial automobile sales data to effectively manage your prospective customer listing, salespeople and vehicle sales deliveries.

This free Excel workbook will also help you prepare that much needed information to successfully control the used vehicle inventory, personnel, marketing budget, lead sourcing, pending deliveries and the dealerships Variable Sales department as a whole.

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Why Free Spreadsheets?
Some Features of this New & Used Sales Management Software

New & Used Dealership Sales - Automobile Delivery Log
    * Manages New & Used car sales activity at a glance.
    * Calculates Sales & Finance Income average gross profit per unit sold.

Automotive Vehicle Sales Gross Profit & Forecasting
    * Compares actual vehicle sales & pending deliveries to forecasted unit sales.
    * Displays near real-time vehicle sales gross profit totals, replacing the outdated DOC.

Finance & Insurance Sales Performance Reports
    * Synchronize both the Vehicle Sales & Finance departments for a complete overview.
    * Monitors the Finance departments, total up's, PVR, total gross profit and closing percentages.

Sales Lead Sourcing & Vehicle Marketing Cost Analysis
    * Evaluates sales results for each marketing media, calculating Return on Investment.
    * Calculates and manages advertising cost per sale and gross profit per Ad lead source.

Used Car & Truck Vehicle Sales Analysis - Inventory Management Reporting Tool
    * Reports gross profit per make, model, model year, and used vehicle source.
    * Monitors unit sales by used inventory age, profitability and real Return on Investment.
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