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Spreadsheets that Manage Labor Hours Sold and Technician Efficiency
Track Clock and Flat Rate Hours with Payroll Summary Reporting

Customizable Excel® Spreadsheets for Service Departments
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Analysis Worksheets for Managing Technician Time
  Generate Service Department Profits by Measuring Technician Productivity

Manage Service Technician Labor Hours Sold with Fixed Operation Reports

Improve Technician Efficiency, Proficiency Percentages and Shop Utilization

This one of a kind Automotive specific Excel® workbook easily meets a Fixed Operations or Service Department Managers needs when attempting to improve and increase the Profitability of a Mechanical Service Department. Its Spreadsheets are simple yet complex; it is used for Tracking and Monitoring Technician Daily Productivity, including Billable Mechanical Labor Hours Sold. It provides Weekly and Monthly Analysis Reports and can be used for preparing Weekly Technician Payroll Reports.
Automotive Technicians, Maximizing Flat Rate Labor Hours, Time is Money

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Excel® Workbook Highlights;

 * User-friendly, inexperienced Excel user may start utilizing within minutes
 * Manages automotive industry pay types; Flat Rate Technicians and Hourly Technicians
 * Offers maximum flexibility with multiple pay Flat Rate Scales per Labor Sale Type, (C, W, I)
 * Excel workbook manages 20 Service Technicians, working 7 day weeks, per calendar month
 * Helps a Service Manager accurately Track Labor Hour Inventory daily, plus Potential Labor Sales
 * Eliminates when redundancy when monitoring Technician Labors Hours and Preparing Payroll Reports
 * Tracks Billable Labor Hour Sales and Non-billable hours: Flat Rate, Guarantees and Absentee Wages
 * Sets groundwork for creating accountability motivational tools by measuring Technician Performance

Only Cells “Yellow” in color allow data entry, everything else is calculated for you ...

Excel Program Code: FO-SP11
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Original Release Date: Updated December 2012
Reports Currently in Development
* Effective Labor Rate Analysis Reporting * Inter-Company Service data exchange
* Advanced Technician Payroll Processing reports * Effective Labor Rate comparison reports
* Nonproductive Labor, Non-Repair Times Studies * Labor Sales & Shop Utilization Reports
* Monthly Production and Projection Calendars * Absentee Cost Summaries and Calendars
* Work-In-Process Analysis and Accounting Reports * Forecasting Models: Sales, Gross, & Net Profit
Forecasting Labor & Parts Sales
Searching for Spreadsheets that Forecast Monthly Labor and Parts Sales?

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