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Managing Online Marketing Costs
Here’s a simple Spreadsheet ! Its designed for Auto Dealers that would like to calculate Potential Gross Profit, Break-even point and Total Expense when implementing an online Cost-per-Click marketing campaign

It may be used to calculate the Return-on-Investment of Third-party leads, Micro-Sites, Core Business Website and any other type of online marketing campaign currently in place or being considered.

You don’t need to be an automotive dealer to use this Excel spreadsheet, just ignore the word vehicle.

Calculating cost-effective, successful online campaigns

Managing Marketing Campaigns and Projecting Gross Profit

Did you know with this Excel workbook you can probably analysis any sales campaign or online marketing proposal in less than a minute?

Simply estimate or enter the actual following values; total monthly cost, average CPC per unit sold, average cost per click and average gross profit per unit sold.

Then conduct a simple test with estimating the number of units sold and the projected closing percentage on prospective sales leads.

Paying for a Website or Third-party vendors to maintain it?
Start by taking that actual expense and scrutinizing it .. you may be surprised

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Excel Workbook Highlights

    * Calculates a Cost-per-Click Campaign Break-Even Point with ease
    * Capable of determining Gross Profit and Unit Sales based on Clicks
    * Easily recalculates values by either Number of Units Sold or CPC % Sales
    * Flexibility allowing an Average Advertising Cost Per Sold Unit entries
    * Can easily be utilized to analysis multiple individual online CPC campaigns
    * Calculates Net Profit or Loss after Cost-per-Click marketing expenditures
    * Helps establish online marketing benchmarks for sales personnel and lead source
    * Spreadsheets are easily modified for business entities not within the Automotive Industry

    * Excel Program Code:MS-RI09

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