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Controlling Dealership Expenses and Net Profit
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Controlling Dealership Expenses
  New Car Dealer, Used Car Dealer, Service Department, Parts Department it doesn't matter, controlling expenses will always determine a businesses level of profitability. This spreadsheet is available for that purpose, improving dealership profitability by forecasting and controlling expenses. You may use it for determining a department's break-even point, analyzing your dealerships current financial statement or for formulating an automobile dealership financial business plan of action.
Departmental Expense Management & Forecasting

Managing Automobile Dealership Expenses while Generating a Profit

Start with the basics; by measuring and understanding the relationship between departmental expenses and gross profit. Identify dealership expenditure problem areas and create a basis against which improvements can be measured. Then incorporate your automobile dealership best practices for individual departments, improving profitability with an effective dealer expense management plan.

By downloading and utilizing this free Microsoft Excel workbook, dealership management can better position the dealership as a whole to improve on weakness and increase profitability. And, freely experiment with the potential expenditure changes, creating an in-house financial plan for achieving departmental profitability goals within Variable Sales or Fixed Operations.

This free Excel workbook and automotive expense management tool will calculate items such as; Selling, Personnel & Fixed Expenses, Operating Profits or Losses, Expenses as a Percentage of Gross Profit and may be used to create detailed Month-to-Month, Year-to-Date projection.

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Why Free Spreadsheets?
Components of these Expense Management Excel Spreadsheets

These Dealership Operating Expense Spreadsheets will;

    * Assist in Budgeting and Monitoring Departmental Expenses
    * Project Dealership Revenues and Expenditures per Department
    * Develop a Realistic, Auto Dealership Financial Business Plan
    * Provide a Step-by-Step approach to completing a Financial Analysis

Use the Dealership Budgeting & Expense Analysis Report to;

    * Review Expense Allocations between Departments; Sales, Parts & Service
    * Determine Breakeven Points or Calculate Worst-Case Scenarios per Department
    * Critique Categorized Expenses; Personnel, Semi-Fixed & Fixed Expenses
    * Improve your Dealership Financial Position by Controlling Departmental Expenses

These automotive forecasting and business planning spreadsheets are designed solely to provide an estimate and general guidance and are not intended to provide finalized financial data, tax or legal advise. You should always refer to a professional advisor or accountant regarding your specific dealership requirements or concerns.
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