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It’s a Simple Spreadsheet! And you may only use it for a month or two. But, if you’re considering or reviewing the expense of a specific marketing channel and want to monitor its effectiveness in scheduling appointments and sales generated, this spreadsheet will do it.

It can easily help you determine if it’s the advertising sales campaign itself or the actual appointment scheduling process which needs to be reconsidered and critiqued.

As for using it, you don’t need to be an automotive dealer, just an advertiser that schedules appointments.

Analysis a Marketing Channel for One Month

Managing Advertising Expenses Doesn't Require Endless Charts and Graphs

It’s all sort of simple, what’s my cost, how many appointments do we schedule, how many individuals show for a presentation, how many buy?

If it cost “X” number of dollars to use this marketing channel and “X” number of people buy from us with an average gross profit of “X“. Our company makes “X” dollars by utilizing this sales campaign.

Do you know the value of “X”?

Sometimes the “KISS Sales Principle” can work when managing a business ....

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Excel Workbook Highlights

    * Monitors the Success of Marketing Campaigns, Websites or Third-party Leads
    * Calculates Potential Unit Sales within the next 30 Days by tracking "Hot Leads"
    * Identifies strengths and weaknesses in Sales Marketing Campaigns and Procedures
    * Manage Individual Sales Personnel Sales Effectiveness, Scheduling & Closing Ratios
    * Determines the Cost-Effectiveness and Success of any Sales Marketing Campaign
    * Benchmarks Lead Generation, Appointments Scheduled and Unit Sales Closing Ratios
    * Critiques Sales Lead Management by Individuals and the Dealership Sales Departments

    * Excel Program Code:MS-TW08

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