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Work-in-Process & Services in Development
Adapting Excel Solutions to Meet the Requirements of the
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Free Excel Spreadsheets & Workbooks for Auto Dealers
Excel Spreadsheets
Far too often, when developing Excel software - programs, some of the simplest concepts are overlooked, while a useable Excel spreadsheet becomes over-developed because of the creative nature and challenge of software development. Since its IntactAuto’s mission is to become a creative extension of your business which proactively seeks out new methods for enhancing profitability and efficiency by creating interesting, innovative and functional spreadsheets – your help is needed ...
Creating and Adapting Excel Solutions for Daily Usage

Your help can be provided simply by you overseeing the current listing of products in development below, reviewing the progress reports, and consistently suggesting specific ideas and requirements you would like implemented into an Excel software program. Your input also is considered when prioritizing the order in which free Excel software applications are developed, completed and released for general business usage. Thus, satisfying your needs in terms of functionality and exceeding your initial expectations with a spreadsheet of superior quality.

Current Work-in-Process, Software Development Applications
Work-in-Process Update
Over the next few months IntactAuto® will update and redesign another very popular Excel workbook that has been used by Automotive Service Directors for many years. The new title of the Automotive Service Management workbook will be, Automotive Technician Billable Labor Hours and Cost per Hour. The projected cost for this Labor Management tool will be only $ 49.00 for a two year license and its expected to be released in 2013.
  *   Read more about this workbook and give some input while its still in development.
Automobile Dealership Cash Flow Management
Due to the tremendous interest in the General Motors specific Cash Flow Analysis Excel workbook by dealership franchises other than GM dealers, the workbook ~ spreadsheets have been completely redesigned for use by nearly any dealer franchises type that desires a line-by-line, user-friendly Cash Flow Analysis ~ Management reporting tool.
  Program Code:  PCFM
  More about the revised:  Cash Flow Management Excel Workbook and Reports
    * 30 Day User License:  $ 69.95, Fully functional, capable of analyzing 12 fiscal periods
    * Lifetime, One-time User License:  $ 179.00, Company Branded Software $ 329.00
  Special Notice: The previously available free download was discontinued Sept. 30, 2009
  New Reports: Added Nov 5th, View Dashboard, Operating Performance & Ratio Reports
Vehicle Sales Commissioning and Pay Plans
  All Spreadsheets Viewable:  Yes
  Macro Driven Workbook:  Yes
  Released as Free Download:  Yes
  Approximate Release Date:  Program Completed, Learn More...
  Spreadsheet Features & Highlights
 * New & Used Vehicle Sales Commission Sheets  * Monitors both New Car & Used Car Sales
 * Multiple Commissioning Gross & Plateau Tiers  * Tracks Monthly Vehicle Sales Gross Profit
 * Calculates Commission Payout Percentages  * Incorporates Finance & Insurance Income
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Customized Excel Workbook Solutions

Begin helping us – help you, by making a suggestion today. IntactAuto is not seeking-out the world geniuses, but searching for the common business person facing the everyday challenges of maintaining profitability and efficiency within their business environment with everyday, creative simple Excel solutions.

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